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Welcome to Cesar Chavez Elementary

Cesar Chavez Elementary School opened in September 2004. The two-story school is built on 2.5 acres near the intersection of Broadway Street and Golden Avenue. It offers 65,000 square feet of facilities, including gleaming , energy efficient classrooms, a workroom between every two classrooms, and a large gymnasium that is part of an innovative joint-use agreement with the neighboring Cesar Chavez Park.

Chavez Elementary School was named after one of America's greatest modern heroes. Cesar E.Chavez, the American labor and civil rights leader, revolutionized the way owners worked with farm workers,  He also made sure that workers were given the proper tools to be more efficient and avoid disabilities. Chavez initiated union health benefits and implemented a credit union for farm workers.

The founding principal, Susan Rivard, stated in the dedication program, "We are proud to be named after Cesar E. Chavez, a man who persevered for what is right; he is our inspiration; we emulate and teach his core values, especially the values of equity, determination, knowledge and acceptance and responsibility to one another. These are our guides in our pursuit of excellence for ourselves and our students." 

Bilingualism is a bridge to success!

The Cesar Chavez Dual Immersion program merges the most successful aspects of bilingual education with a strong academic program. The program implements a 90/10 learning model of instruction. This means that starting in Kinder, students are fully immersed in both English and Spanish! DI empowers students to achieve the highest social and linguistic skills to give them the edge now and for future success. The program goals are: 

  • Ability to think, speak, read and write fluently in two languages!
  • Have daily opportunities to practice a new language!
  • To foster knowledge and appreciation of other cultures!

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