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Meet the Teachers

Dual Immersion students build strong friendships because they have been together for so many years!

- Parent Testimonial

Meet the Teachers


Maestra Aguilar, Kindergarten

Maestra Aguilar has several years of experience teaching Kindergarten. Maestra Aguilar holds a B.A. from CSULB. She is passionate about teaching and enjoys learning alongside her students every day. Maestra Aguilar is a true believer of the dual immersion program and the students' bilingual identities.

Maestra Luna, Kindergarten

Maestra Luna is a Dual Immersion teacher at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. She has several years of experience teaching Kindergarten Dual Immersion. Maestra Luna holds a B.A. from CSULB and an M.S. in Elementary Reading and Literacy from Walden University. As a native Spanish speaker and product of bilingual education, she acknowledges and values the power of bilingualism and biliteracy. 

1st Grade

Maestra Aguilar

Maestra Sapiens is a first grade Dual Immersion teacher at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. Mrs.Sapiens holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and is credentialed to teach Early Childhood Education (ECE) and primary bilingual education. Spanish is her first language and she is very proud of being able to teach it a an LBUSD site. Mrs. Sapiens herself is a product of the Long Beach Unified School District. She has taught preschool, TK, Kindergarten, 3rd, and 5th grade here in Long Beach. 

Maestra Sapiens is a big advocate in bilingualism and proudly celebrates it. She believes not only in teaching the Spanish language, but also helping students learn and embrace the culture.

Maestra Perez

Maestra Perez is a first grade Dual Immersion teacher at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. She has several years of experience teaching Dual Immersion. Maestra Perez holds a B.A. from UCLA. Having been a part of bilingual education herself, teaching in a dual immersion setting is something she holds close to heart.  Maestra Perez is grateful for the benefits bilingual education has had on her own children's education and lives. She is a true believer that bilingualism enriches one's life experience and one's worldview.

2nd Grade

Maestra De Leon Rodarte

Maestra De Leon is a Dual Immersion teacher at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. She has several years of experience teaching in the lower elementary grades. Maestra De Leon holds a B.A. from CSUDH and a M.A. in Dual Language Development, from CSULB. Having gone through a bilingual setting herself, she is a firm believer of the advantages and values of the Dual Immersion program

Maestra Salgado

Ms. Salgado is an educator with a passion for language learning and cultural diversity. She believes in creating a vibrant and inclusive environment where students engage in both English and a target language, fostering bilingualism and cross-cultural understanding. Her commitment to nurturing global citizens is reflected in her dynamic lessons that seamlessly integrate language acquisition with academic excellence. In the classroom, students embark on a journey of discovery, developing not only language proficiency but also a deep appreciation for diverse perspectives.

3rd Grade

Maestra Rivas

Maestra Rivas is a Dual Immersion teacher at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. She holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Math from CSULB. She attended LBUSD schools and was part of bilingual education herself. As a native Spanish speaker and product of bilingual education, she acknowledges and values the power of dual language programs.

Maestra Ayala

Maestra Ayala is a Third-Grade Dual Immersion teacher at César Chavez Elementary School. Mrs. Ayala obtained her bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies and a Multiple Subject Teaching credential from CSULB. Mrs. Ayala believes in providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students. She also understands that bilingual education is an asset that will help students become successful. 

4th - 5th Grade

Fourth Grade Dual Immersion opening 2024-2025 school year. Stay tuned for bios.

Fifth Grade Dual Immersion opening 2025-2026 school year. Stay tuned for bios

Literacy Coach

Ms. Mosqueda

Maestra Mosqueda

Maestra Mosqueda is the literacy coach at Cesar Chavez Elementary School. She is co-founder of the Spanish Dual Immersion program at Chavez. She has several years of experience teaching in the lower grades. Maestra Mosqueda has previously led a task force of teachers in research and development of Dual Immersion best practices, presentation, and implementation. She has also done research on and facilitated learning surrounding students with disabilities within a bilingual classroom. Maestra Mosqueda is a Long Beach native and LBUSD alumni. She holds a master's degree in Dual Language Development from CSULB as well as a master's degree and administrative credential in Principal Leadership from UCLA. 

Instructional and Intervention Coordinator

Maestra Pino

Maestra Pino is the Instructional and Intervention Coordinator (IIC). With a strong background in educational leadership and a passion for student success,  Maestra Pino plays a crucial role in our school community. She collaborates with teachers to design and implement effective instructional strategies, ensuring that every student receives personalized support. As an advocate for intervention programs, she works tirelessly to identify and address learning gaps, providing targeted resources and support to help students thrive. Her commitment to fostering a culture of academic excellence is evident in the innovative initiatives she spearheads, creating a dynamic and inclusive learning environment for all. Maestra Pino's leadership and expertise make her an invaluable asset in our mission to empower every student to reach their full potential. 


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Ms. Delgado, School Counselor

Ms. Delgado's journey in the field of education started back in 1992 when she joined Long Beach Unified School District. After earning her master's degree from CSULB, Ms. Delgado became a second-grade Spanish bilingual teacher, and dedicated five years to fostering a positive learning environment for her students. Driven by a passion for supporting students in their holistic development, Ms. Delgado made the transition to become a school counselor and worked in a variety of settings, including elementary, K-8 and middle school.  She had the privilege of joining Chavez Elementary school in 2019 and is committed to building positive relationships with both students and families. Her hope is to consistently deliver the best possible service to help students navigate their academic journey, overcome challenges, and foster lifelong habits that contribute to good mental health.

Socio-Emotional Learning Facilitator

Maestra Garcia (Ms. G)

Maestra Garcia is our Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) facilitator. With a passion for nurturing the well-being of young minds, Maestra Garcia works collaboratively with teachers in the implementation of SEL curriculum that equip students with essential life skills, fostering empathy, resilience, and effective communication. Through her compassionate approach, Maestra Garcia strives to promote social and emotional growth, a positive and inclusive school culture, and a safe and supportive environment where every child can thrive emotionally and academically. Prior to joining Chavez, Maestra Garcia was a Dual Immersion educator for several years. She earned a B.A in Psychology with a focus in counseling, an administrative credential, and a Masters in Organizational and School Leadership from Columbia University.