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Instructional Design

Why the 90/10 Model?

Here at Cesar Chavez Elementary, we follow the 90/10 model of Dual Immersion. This means that kindergarten is 90% in Spanish and 10% in English. These numbers shift by 10% each grade until instruction reaches 50% in Spanish and 50% in English for both fourth and fifth grades. Our program continues to grow, and we continue to add classes with BCLAD/BILA certified instructors.

This model will:

  • Help students simultaneously develop literacy in both English and Spanish starting in Transitional Kindergarten.
  • Help students cultivate an understanding and appreciation of other cultures and develop positive attitudes toward fellow students, families, their communities, our country, and diverse world.
  • Promote critical thinking in dual languages every day, throughout the day. 
  • Prepare students for transition to middle school courses. 
  • Take advantage of all our teachers who possess a state certified Bilingual Authorization BCLAD/BILA to provide support toward a bilingual and biliterate future.

Our Curriculum

Cesar Chavez Elementary prides itself in providing an innovative and research-based curriculum fully developed by our teachers, administrators, and parents. Students that enter Kindergarten will be immersed in an intensive program designed to promote learning that build upon each other year after year. We guarantee that students who complete our program will leave 5th grade with the necessary skills needed to succeed at middle school and high school, in dual languages!

Our 90/10 model requires teachers to collaborate regularly in determining the appropriate instruction in the target language for all content areas.  This closely aligned curricular program allows students to build on new skills in both languages simultaneously.


Language of Instruction

Available with and without a table header. 

Grade Language
Kindergarten 90% Spanish, Daily
10% English, Daily
2 Full Day Kindergarten Classes
1st Grade

80% Spanish, Daily
20% English, Daily
2 Classes   

2nd Grade

70% Spanish, Daily
30% English, Daily
2 Classes

3rd Grade

60% Spanish, Daily
40% English, Daily
Classes coming 2023-2024

4th Grade 50% Spanish, Daily
50% English, Daily
Classes coming 2024-2025
5th Grade 50% Spanish, Daily
50% English, Daily
Classes coming 2025-2026